Python Developer (AI/Backend)

Bangalore, India
Full time

About the Role

Cuebook is an early stage DeepTech AI startup based out of Bangalore, and currently in stealth mode. We are seed funded, revenue-generating, and work with some of the top retail clients globally. Our team consists of ex-entrepreneurs from IIT/IIM/NIT, who have deep expertise in bringing enterprise-grade products to market. We are on a mission to make organizations more efficient through the use of AI and Deep Tech, and solve some of the hardest problems they face.

Cuebook is looking for highly motivated individuals who have deep desire to become superstars in the field of Deep Tech, AI / Deep Learning. You can be at an early stage or mid stage in your career, but need to demonstrate problem solving abilities, while being up to date with the latest technologies. You should be a self-starter, demonstrate a deep desire for growth, and ideally would have a public git profile or projects you have worked on that you are proud of. You will be working directly with the founding team and helping solve some of the most interesting problems in the AI / DeepTech domain.


  • Work on the latest and greatest technologies to build the future AI stack of the company.
  • Take on challenging problems related to backend, frontend, AI, data warehousing, analytics and other areas, and come up with scalable solutions.
  • Experiment with and introduce new components that make the entire stack more efficient, reliable and scale-ready.
  • Contribute towards Cuebook’s groundbreaking product stack, through code, ideas, design and R&D.

Skills required

  • You need to be collaborative, honest, hard-working and with a deep desire to learn and grow.
  • You should have worked with some of these frameworks, and ideally managed them in production:
  • Python / Django
  • Postgres
  • React / React-native or Flutter
  • Apache Druid and Airflow
  • ElasticSearch and EFK stack
  • Kubernetes / Docker and container technologies

If you believe you are an outlier and a misfit in this world, do reach out. If you believe you are different from others, do reach out. If you believe your herd doesn't yet understand you, do reach out. If you sacrificed your grades for your love for coding, do reach out. If you want to put a dent in the universe, do reach out. We prefer Bangalore-based candidates, but if you demonstrate exceptional capabilities, we are open to working with you remotely.