Is Search-driven Analytics really about Search?

Is Search-driven Analytics Really Search Driven?
Sachin Bansal
2 min to read

Say you want to search “augmented analytics”. You go to Google, enter “augmented analytics” and Search. You get 10 results from different websites on the home screen.

Now imagine the following. You go to search engine XXX . You must first enter the website, so you enter “”. Then you enter “augmented analytics”. Click Search and all you get is one result from

This is the current state of Search-driven Analytics.

You first select a table. Then you specify the query in natural language. Click Search. The system uses natural language processing (NLP) to convert your query into SQL. The SQL is run on your data warehouse and you get a single result – a number or a chart or a table.

Is this really Search-driven Analytics? Or is it natural language query being sold as Search.

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