The Fullstack Business Observability Platform

Near Realtime Data and Insights to help you run Efficient and Effective Operations. Powered by AI.

Simple and Fast Observability for Your Operations

Cuefact enables your Operations Teams with Search and AI-driven Insights, that helps them discover sparks, prevent fires.

Detect Anomalies and their Cause.

Identify and pin-point anomalies in your entire Operations lifecycle, as and when they happen.

Deep dive into Key Metrics.

Track metrics daily, in near real-time, and present an updated picture during morning meeting. Avoid surprises and control the stakes. Cuefact's vast selection of metrics ensures you are never out of touch.

Get Alerted When Fires Happen

Timely alerting ensures that you stay on top of any sparks in your Operations pipeline. Get the tool you need to act proactively, without relying on weekly or monthly reports.

Cuefact helps Operations Teams Become Effective and Efficient

Near Realtime View Into Your Operations
Prevent fires before they happen. Handle customer escalations faster. Harness Observability to improve turnaround times. Cuefact empowers your team.
Simple and Easy To Use
Cuefact is simple to use, and designed for day to day use by your Operations Teams. Access power of data, in an easy email-like interface.
Vast Selection of Insights
Cuefact offers a wide selection of insights, enabling you to keep a sharp eye on every aspect of your Operations.

Harnessing The Power of Open Source.

Core of Cuefact, CueLake and CueObserve, are Open Source, and built on best-of-breed data and AI technologies.

Powered by Apache Druid, Prophet and more.

On-demand scaling through container technologies like Kubernetes and Docker.

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Trusted Observability Platform for Mission Critical Teams.

Transform the way you run your Business Operations.

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